NotPeople Magazine Presents: Star Trek: The Next Intervention

NotPeople Magazine cover with a picture of a pleading Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Top reads: "The Assisted Suicide Policy Intervention Issue!" Side-by-side with photos text: "Captain Picard Intervenes & It's Patrick Stewart HOT!"

Patrick Stewart looking damnably handsome on the cover of Compassion & Choices magazine[Voice of Lt. Expendable] “It’s Patrick Stewart looking damnably handsome on the cover of Compassion & Choices magazine, Captain.”

Lt. Data poised to make a report.

Captain Picard, slumped and holding his hand to his face.

A very chipper-looking Bones McCoy.

Captain Picard thoughtful and sipping what we can only assume to be tea, Earl Grey, hot.

Battlestar Galactica's Caprica Six looking Six-ish, i.e., sultry and loungey.

Six from Battlestar Galactica pleading with a Picardesque-from-the-back figure, aka Col. Tighe.

The former and fallen Commander Janeway aka Red waving tiredly from her bunk in Litchfield Federal Penitentiary

Worf talking with Picard

Geordi Data Wesley crunching numbers

Worf looking fierce

Picard staring intently ahead

Q reclining on a couch in the pose of making another ridiculous protestation of innocence.“Beautifully put, Captain, though I prefer ‘disrupter’ to ‘chaos.’ But surely you expected to see me again when you agreed to be Compassion & Choices’ cover boy — after all, I am C&C’s Director of Intergalactic Stragedy ™ & Celebrity Relationships. Who else but Q could do this kind of work?”

Q and Picard, face in his hands

q picard

Uh huh, Q.




tiny tim

ps finger


ps yikes

IK as Bill Kraus


he's dead

ps face palm 1

Dammit I'm an assisted suicide doctor not a healer

picard clap



6 thoughts on “NotPeople Magazine Presents: Star Trek: The Next Intervention

  1. Excellent! Brilliant! Thank you so much. Now we must just get the Time Lords to send Pat to a future where he’s dispatched and made into pie – or is that the past via Sweeny Todd?

    Please send powerful thoughts against the Assisted Suicide bill we’re to have debated in UK parliament in September. Solidarity

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  2. Great site and posts. I might not have used worf/Michael Dorn. In an episode of ST:TNG Worf becomes disabled and due to his Klingon background wants help from the crew to kill himself.

    Liked by 1 person

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